Ready to take absolutely gorgeous styled product photos that help you GET NOTICED, BE MAGNETIC, and SELL MORE? This is for you. 💚


Stand Out & Sell:
The Product Photo Styling Formula

The essential step-by-step formula for creating beautiful styled product photos that help you STAND OUT, ATTRACT the right customers, and GROW your product-based business – without expensive equipment, elaborate setups, or professional photographers

Take your product photos from “bleh” to ✨brilliant✨ (even with just your smartphone!), so you can STOP getting overlooked and START marketing your products confidently and regularly crushing your sales goals.

If you’re a product seller and you find yourself thinking “I wish I could take beautiful product photos myself quickly + easily, so I can be be more consistent on socials, attract more customers, and convert them to buyers more easily”this is for you.

Yes! I want stand-out photos that SELL!!

Real talk, product seller...

It’s no secret that standing out with gorgeous, eye-catching product photos is essential when it comes to growing your sales and online business.

And when it comes to things like the all-important social media?

Those less-than-stellar product photos just aren’t getting you noticed.

Customers are just scrolllin’ on past, and the crickets are getting louder.

But figuring out *how* to style those product photos? It ain't easy.

👉 Your attempts at photo styling aren’t working and you’re feeling lost – props, backgrounds, layouts? Where to even start?

👉 You have no clue with how to make your products stand out in styled product photos – how do you add props and backgrounds without them stealing the show?

👉 Your competitors keep posting these swoon-worthy styled product photos that are getting loads of engagement (and probably sales too), but no matter how hard you try, your photos just don’t compare.

👉 Hiring a product photographer every time you turn around isn’t realistic. Expensive photo sessions and waiting on the photographer consume way too much of your budget and time.

👉 So instead of posting beautiful, stop-scrolling photos that get you noticed, you fall back to posting plain, boring photos just so that you have something to share – but you’re SO discouraged with the lack of engagement + sales

👉 You know there’s gotta be a “secret sauce” out there for how to style photos properly, but for all your efforts, you haven’t been able to figure it out.

I want to share the secret sauce with you.

That is exactly why I created Stand Out & Sell – so that I (a professional product photographer) can share my exact photo styling formula with you so you can confidently take beautiful styled product photos, on demand, that make your products looks so. damn. desirable.

Here's the piece that most people miss --

We start the formula off with a crucial piece that is so often overlooked 👉 your brand’s signature style, and how to infuse it into your styled photos so they magnetically attract the RIGHT customers, who are most likely to become raving fans and repeat buyers.

That is how to REALLY stand out + grow your business in a saturated online environment.

What if you had the EXACT formula for creating magnetic, compelling, and high-converting styled product photos right at home - so you can stand out from the competition + sell more than ever before?

📸 If you had a solid shortlist of props + backgrounds that give your products a gorgeous, cohesive, branded look that you feel really good about and that make your products look their absolutely BEST?

📸 If you could expertly capture dreamy lifestyle photos of your products that show off just what makes them so damn special, moving customers to take action + buy?

📸 If you could take the kinds of product photos that make you stand out as a brand and help establish a recognizable identity online that drives long-term success?

I bet it would feel damn good.

My photo styling formula has helped over 1500 product sellers take stunning styled product photos with ease, helping them to grow their online business, increase their sales, and even go viral.

“Since taking this course I’ve become much more organized with styling and shooting my ceramics. I have a better idea of my brand and what I want to convey with the photos. This has helped me create images that are more on-brand and consistent. Plus, shooting is so much easier because I now have a checklist to follow!” 

– Nathalie

Say hello to…

Stand Out & Sell: The Product Photo Styling Formula

The essential step-by-step formula for creating beautiful styled product photos that help you STAND OUT, ATTRACT the right customers, and GROW your product-based business – without expensive equipment, elaborate setups, or professional photographers

Get ready to gain immediate access to…


Infuse Your Brand's Signature Style to Attract the RIGHT {paying} customers

Discover the crucial foundation for your photo styling – your brand’s signature style and how it will develop a consistent, cohesive look for your product photos that stand out to the people most likely to buy your stuff.

You’ll be capturing beautiful, recognizable photos that help you be competitive in your category, AND you will also feel so much more confident marketing yourself online.

With the help of the printable brand questionnaire that goes with this video, you’ll discover exactly what makes your brand and products unique so you can incorporate that into your styled photos.


Set the perfect backdrop to make your products POP

“You need to use a white background for product photography” – um, not if you actually want to get noticed, especial! There’s a whole world of interesting, complementary backdrops out there and they’re waiting for you.

With the help of this lesson (and accompanying thorough list of backdrop ideas) and jumping off from the foundation of the previous lesson, you will narrow in on 1 – 3 backdrops that support your product, overall vibe, and contribute to the attention-grabbing story you’ll be telling with your photos.


Create eye-catching photos with just the right props

Stop your ideal customers’ scroll with the perfect props that speak to them, while making your products as the start of the show.

Using the foundation built in the first lesson, you will develop a shortlist of perfect, on-brand props for your product photos and lock in just the right props that make your products stand out and shine. AND I’ll share the best places to find great props.


Stage your photos like a pro to make your product shine ✨

Learn exactly how to arrange your props and place your product, leaving no confusion over what is actually for sale but instead strategically using the props to draw attention to your product.

You’ll also get to see examples of the layouts in action, taking the guesswork out how they come together and helping you visualize how you’ll weave that photo styling magic for yourself.

Bonus 👉 you will also have a downloadable PDF complete with layouts for flat lays, straight-on shots, and a sketch space for you to plan your own layouts.


Make customers hit that add-to-cart button with powerful storytelling photos

The story is what really sells products, by creating desire and making customers visualize your products in their life – a powerful psychological motivator when it comes to making a purchase and the biggest impact on creating powerful styled photos that help you grow your sales.

You will also have access to a downloadable PDF with worksheets and exercises to spark ideas and inspiration for visual stories you can tell with your styled product photos.


Capture your own compelling, magnetic, high-converting LIFESTYLE product photos

Beautiful lifestyle photos that show your product in action and give shoppers context for how your product fits into their life are SO INCREDIBLY POWERFUL!

The best part? With my simplified approach, they’re not even that difficult to take! While they can seem really daunting, I take ALL the guess work out of it and show you how to craft stunning lifestyle, with or without a model, that drive traffic + sales.

Get all of this today for just $37!

Value: Professional Product Stylist + Photographer – $1200 minimum per session
Learn how to do it yourself, forever, for just $37

YES! I want product photos that stand out & SELL!!

*Limited time offer of $37 USD. Lifetime access. Money-back guarantee.



Stay true to your brand aesthetic in every photo with the quick reference Moodboard Template.

With this brand style guide template and accompanying video on how to use it, you can plug in your established branding elements from Lesson #1 and create a moodboard for your brand vibe, providing quick reference and inspiration for your styled photo shoots.

This will allow you to take creative styled photos with a consistent branded look – effortlessly.


Save LOADS of time with these beautiful social media templates for product sellers

Talk about TIME SAVER! This collection of 80 custom Canva templates is designed specifically for product sellers. They will provide you with a wide variety of posts for your socials and marketing campaigns, AND they’ll make it a breeze to customize them for your own business for gorgeous, on-brand posts in just minutes.

Including graphics for launching new collections and productssharing customer reviews and important deadlines, providing tips and info related to your products, inspiring followers and encouraging engagement, this huge collection of graphics templates are a must-have. Compatible with both the free and pro version of Canva!


All the prop inspiration you could ask for with this master list of 270 prop ideas across 9 different brand aesthetics

WOW! You’ll never have to wonder what props to use again! Just find your brand aeshetic in the table of contents, flip to the right page, and find LOADS of prop inspo and ideas waiting for you.

Bonus #4: Your Invitation to the Private Community 💌

When you join SO&S, you’ll receive an exclusive invite to the private group for makers in my classes and programs. Here you can connect with other creatives, ask questions, and get feedback on your photos. You’ll feel supported and know you’re on the right track!

Unlock All This Now and Start Taking
Stand-Out Photos That SELL!

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Sign me up! I want to Stand Out & SELL!!

*Limited time offer of $37 USD. Lifetime access. Money-back guarantee.

Check out these beautiful "before and after" photos from Breanna after learning the Product Photo Styling Formula

“Amy’s course has helped amp up my product photography immensely. I learned how to style them better and figure out how to apply my brand voice to my product photos. My product photos look so much more put together and better reflect the quality of my products.”

– Breanna, Sweet Autumn Eclectic

And if you're wondering if Stand Out & Sell will work for YOUR product - it WILL!

SO&S is all about YOUR brand and product – establishing your own brand’s stand-out photo style to attract the right audience who will LOVE your products. The lessons for making your photos eye-catching and gorgeous apply no matter what your product is!

... and everything in between!

“Before I took Amy’s class, I knew that my photos were terrible. I tried my best, but I just never liked them no matter what I tried. I had even tried to emulate other photos that I really liked, but I failed miserably. Within a week of taking Amy’s course, I was LOVING my photos! I truly loved them. And it wasn’t just me, they were so good that I had a photo I posted online and one commenter said my photo skills were “on point”. YAY!! I am so glad I spent the money and took the time to take this course, it was one of the best decisions I’d made for my business.”

– Tammy

“Amy’s courses are presented in an easy to understand, straight forward method. Well worth the money spent to improve your photography skills. I learned so much in the courses I took, plus the community is so helpful and supportive as well.”

– Jean

“Amy made photography seem fun and learnable. Her hands-on teaching style and the way in which she breaks down concepts into easy to understand manageable chunks is brilliant. I worked my way through and was amazed at how my product photography improved. When I started using the new photos on my website I had 3 customers reach out in the first few weeks to say how much they liked my new photos!”

– Roché

You might be thinking right now... “This sounds great - but I'm not a photographer and I don't have a fancy camera... Will this even work for me?" 

The straight truth is, you don’t need expensive equipment or to be experienced in photography to take really great product photos for your business.

This online course was made *especially* for you – no matter what your experience level is, even with just your smartphone, you can take gorgeous images for your business that don’t cost you heaps of time and money.

I created this class for the busy product business owner, so that you can start taking beautiful product photos that SELL, quickly.

Your business deserves to be seen and your sales goals deserve to be crushed. Let’s make it happen.

RECAP: You Get All This Instantly

👉 Video + PDF: Establish Your Brand’s Signature Style to Attract the RIGHT {paying} customers

👉 Video + PDF: Set the perfect backdrop to make your products POP

👉 Video + PDF: Create eye-catching photos with just the right props

👉 Video + PDF: Stage your photos like a pro to make your product shine ✨

👉 Video + PDF: Make customers hit add-to-cart with powerful storytelling photos

👉 Video: Capture your own compelling, magnetic, high-converting LIFESTYLE product photos

👉 BONUS #1: Magical moodboard template for your brand ✨

👉 BONUS #2: 80 beautiful done-for-you Canva templates for product sellers

👉 BONUS #3: Bold + Bloom Prop Guide with over 270 prop ideas across 9 brand styles


I’m ready to stand out with gorgeous product photos!

*Limited time offer of $37 USD. Lifetime access. Money-back guarantee.

“I feel like the photos I was able to take today are just at a whole other level than anything I’ve done up to this point. The course was packed with tips and tricks and I couldn’t be more happy with the results.”
– Peace & Candles Co.

Think about this...

How many sales are passing you by right now?

It’s no secret that having sharing great, eye-catching product photos is crucial to the success of an online product-based business.

But have you ever thought about just how many sales you’re losing out on by being overlooked, passed over, and unseen?

The truth is, “great” photos alone aren’t enough anymore – you need stunning, compelling photos that STAND OUT and SELL.

And you can learn how for just $37.

So why am I the right person to teach you to take beautiful product photos that sell?

I (Amy) am a professional product photographer and go-to product photography coach for product sellers, having taught over 3500 students through my my signature, no-muss no-fuss teaching style.

After seeing the great need for product sellers to have simple, straightforward steps for effective, high quality product photography for their socials and business, I felt compelled to step out from behind MY lens and help them feel empowered behind theirs – so they could stand out in saturated online markets and start reaping the rewards of attracting the right customers to their virtual storefront.

And so, Stand Out & Sell: The Product Photo Styling Formula was born.

I truly believe that small business owners should have affordable access to tools and education that will help them be successful so they can live their best life – and this class is a big step in that direction.

I’d genuinely be honoured to help YOU take stand-out product photos today and can’t wait to see the difference these photos will make in your business.

I'm ready for gorgeous photos!!

*Limited time offer of $37 USD. Lifetime access. Money-back guarantee.

I am confident that it is the solution to help you take beautiful styled product photos that you will love and that will help you stand out from the crowd.

HOWEVER I want you to know that there is no risk in purchasing today.

Because If you don’t love SO&S, you can request your money back within 14 days – no questions asked.

That is how confident I am that this solution will transform your product photos from “blah” to WOW.

– Amy

Here's what others have to say about learning product photography with me...

“Thank you for your simple photo styling course! It was really insightful. I thought my photos were pretty good but I’m embarrassed to look back. Here’s a before your course and after – minor tweaks, namely the marble background idea which I loved!!”

– Willow Rose Designs

“I had zero experience with photography when I first started taking photos for my Etsy shop; and when you compared my photos to others selling in the same category it really showed.

First, let me say that Amy offers clear, concise instruction with detailed examples, and in the course I took, great supporting photos.

Afterwards, I reshot all of my product photos, and WOW what a difference. It’s one of the best investments in my online business that I’ve made!

I’ve since signed up for another of Amy’s offerings and it was just as excellent.

I will continue to watch for opportunities to learn about product photography from Amy because I know it will be 100% worthwhile.”

– Mary

“I have no hesitation in recommending Amy’s courses – I have already pointed some fellow online sellers towards Amy’s website.

The courses are detailed with good explanation of more technical points with example photographs and videos.

Amy gives great personal support to students too, she is approachable and encouraging.

I am at intermediate level already but I have found simple and effective tips in the courses that have already improved my product photography.”

– Michele

Do you have questions? Here are some answers!

  • Can I use a smartphone or do I need a DSLR camera?

    You can use whatever camera you normally use, whether it’s a smartphone or a DSLR.

  • Do I need any special equipment, like a fancy setup or a big editing program like Photoshop?

    Not at all. With the focus of this class being on the creative and styling aspects of product photography, SO&S is right for you no matter what you’re using for equipment. Many students see incredible results with very simple tools.

  • How long do I have to complete the course?

    You have lifetime access to SO&S, so you can take as long as you need to complete the course (or zoom through it if you’re keen like that).

  • My product is [x,y,z] - is this course right for me?

    Yes! The principles of photo styling shared in SO&S can be applied to any kind of product, from jewellery to wall art.

  • What kind of styled photos do you talk about in SO&S?

    All kinds! From flat lays, to straight-ons, to lifestyle photos. A wide range of photos are talked about and shown as demonstrations in this course.

  • What if I have questions or want feedback?

    With your enrollment in this course, you’ll also be invited to join a private student-only group where you can ask questions, get feedback, and connect with the other makers inside my courses. It’s fun in there!

  • What if I have more questions about this course before I join?

    We’d love to answer those questions for you! You can hit the speech bubble in the bottom right of your screen or send us an email via our contact form and we’ll get back to you asap.

  • I already have your photo styling class. Do I need this too?

    Nope! If you’re already in my product photo styling course, you do not need to also purchase this course. You already have all the sweet content contained within. 🙂

You’ve reached the end, and there’s just one more thing to share…


You work SO hard in your business. Your efforts, time, and passion are deserving of centre stage. There are SO many people out there who are waiting to fall in love with what you’re selling – they just need to find you. That’s why I created this course… To give you the steps to capture your products in the way they deserve, so that you can thrive.

Stand Out & Sell: The Product Photo Styling Formula is yours today for $37

Start TODAY & Stand Out with Beautiful Photos that SELL!

*Limited time offer of $37 USD. Lifetime access. Money-back guarantee.