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Get my strategy for quick-to-create STOP MOTION VIDEO that will make you stand out from the rest!

STOP MOTION video has personally brought in hundreds of sales and thousands of dollars for my business in the past year – just imagine what it could do for you?!

If you’re a creative business owner selling products, offering services, or creating content and want to:

✅ Be unique + stand out

✅ Attract more followers + customers



❌ Spending hours creating stop motion

❌ Jumping on trends

❌ Showing your face on camera at ALL

This is for you…



Does this sound familiar?

👉 You’re tired of the same ol’ approach to marketing your business. You just wish there *some way* you could stand out more in such a crowded online marketplace.

👉 Your visual content for your marketing campaigns just always flops and you’re feeling super discouraged

👉 You’ve seen stop motion (and LOVE it), but you don’t know how create those awesome videos yourself or how they fit into your marketing

👉 You assume that stop motion takes FOREVER, so you written it off as something that’s just not for you

But what if there actually *was* a way you could create sensational stop-motion video for your business QUICKLY so you can reap all the benefits, like increased visibility and higher conversion rates?

👉 If you could quickly create a scroll-stopping, compelling stop-motion in just 10 minutes or less?

👉 If you could use a simple, quick setup with tools you already have on hand to capture a ✨magical✨ stop motion video that sets your business apart?

👉 If your sales and marketing campaigns attracted more buyers, increased your traffic, and drove more sales (without doing MORE work)

I want to share the secret sauce with you.

That is exactly why I created Stand Out & Sell – so that I, a professional product photographer, can share my exact photo styling formula with you – so you can take the kinds of styled photos that makes your products looks so. damn. desirable.

I’ll walk you through each step of crafting perfectly styled, attention-grabbing photos, from props to backgrounds to layouts to super-powerful lifestyle photos.

Here's the piece that most people miss --

We start the formula off with a crucial piece that is so often overlooked 👉 your brand’s signature style, and how to use it to create styled photos that magnetically attract the RIGHT customers, who are most likely to become raving fans and repeat buyers.

That is how to REALLY stand out + grow your business in a saturated online environment.

With the help of stop-motion video, you will...

✅ Gain more traction, engagement, and followers on social media

✅ Drive more traffic to website, e-comm store, and sales pages

✅ Convert more browsers to buyers, increasing your sales

✅ Increase your business’s visibility and reach in an competitive online environment

✅ Establish your brand as a recognizable, go-to brand in your industry

“Since taking this course I’ve become much more organized with styling and shooting my ceramics. I have a better idea of my brand and what I want to convey with the photos. This has helped me create images that are more on-brand and consistent. Plus, shooting is so much easier because I now have a checklist to follow!” 

– Nathalie

Say hello to…

Stand Out With Stop Motion

Create truly unique, high-converting creative video to your marketing campaigns + socials with my strategy for quick-to-create STOP MOTION VIDEO that will make you stand out + sell more

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Discover the magic of stop motion and how it can help power your business forward

In this introductory module, you’ll learn all about stop motion – and why it’s so dang valuable for your business – and reviews the apps + tools that will make your stop motion video capture a breeze (no expensive equipment required).

Module 1 includes:

Lesson #1: What is Stop-Motion?
Lesson #2: Apps & Tools


Get creative! Plan out your stop motion, from story + scene to timing + frames.

The story is what really sells, and with stop motion you can create a delightful story that helps customers fall in love with your products, your business, and YOU – a powerful psychological motivator when it comes to making a purchase and that’s how stop-motion video can really help you grow your sales.

Module 2 includes: 

Lesson #3: Story & Scene
Lesson #4: Lighting
Lesson #5: Timing & Frames


Capture your stop-motion video - easier + faster than you think

In this module, we’ll walkthrough how (including setup and camera settings) to capture two types of stop-motion video – my simplified and timesaving approach to traditional stop motion, and my lightning-fast stop motion technique that takes just minutes to create. You won’t believe how fast and easy it is!

Module 3 includes:

Lesson #6: Camera Settings
Lesson #7: The Setup
Lesson #8: Shooting Your Stop-Motion Video


Bring your stop-motion video to life - no high-tech video editing software required

In this module, you’ll discover exactly how to edit your photos + clips in mere seconds, and put them together to create your stop motion video with just a few taps. You’ll be stunned at how fast it all comes together to create your magical stop-motion product videos!

Module 4 includes:

Lesson #9: Edit Your Photos
Lesson #10: Bring Your Stop-Motion Video To Life

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23 Eye-Catching Stop Motion Prompts + Ideas for Showcasing Products

Coming up with cool ideas can be tough for your stop motion videos can be tough! Until now, that is. This bonus will provide you with 23 specific ideas for stop-motion product videos that can be used again and again, plus will inspire loads of future ideas for you stop motion videos.


Simple Stop-Motion Quick Reference Guide

Print off this handy PDF and keep it by your side while capturing your stop-motion so that you don’t lose momentum! All the actionable steps and tips from the course are included in this quick reference guide so you don’t get stuck or feel the need to stop and go back to your computer to clarify a step.


Stand Out with Stop-Motion Prop Guide

Every good story needs props! This Prop Guide will provide you with 50 specific prop ideas across 5 different categories that’ll enhance your videos, keep you on-brand, and speak to your ideal customers.

Bonus #4: Your Invitation to the Private Community 💌

When you join SO&S, you’ll receive an exclusive invite to the private group for makers in my classes and programs. Here you can connect with other creatives, ask questions, and get feedback on your photos. You’ll feel supported and know you’re on the right track!

Check out this amazing stop-motion video by Stand Out With Stop Motion student, Breanna!

RECAP: You Get All This Instantly

✅ Module 1: Discover the magic of stop motion and how it can help power your business forward. Including lessons “What is Stop-Motion?” and “Apps & Tools”

✅ Module 2: Get creative! Plan out your stop motion, from story + scene to timing + frames. Including lessons “Story & Scene”, “Lighting”, and “Timing & Frames”

✅ Module 3: Capture your stop-motion video – easier and faster than you think. Including lessons “Camera Settings”, “The Setup”, and ” Shooting Your Stop-Motion Video”

✅ Module 4: Bring your stop-motion video to life – no high-tech video editing software required. Including lessons “Edit Your Photos” and “Bring Your Stop-Motion Video To Life”

⭐️ BONUS #1: 23 Eye-Catching Stop-Motion Prompts + Ideas for Showcasing Products

⭐️ BONUS #2: Simple Stop-Motion Quick Reference Guide

⭐️ BONUS #3: Stand Out With Stop Motion Prop Guide

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– Amy

Do you have questions? Here are some answers!

  • Can I use a smartphone or do I need a special kind of camera?

    I actually recommend just using your smartphone for stop motion video! It’s so much easier and streamlined, and it’s a tool you already have on-hand.

  • Do I need any special equipment, like a fancy setup or an elaborate video editing program?

    Not at all. You’ll use the same app as you’re already using for Reel Magic (InShot) to edit your stop motion videos and the lighting setup is very straightforward, using either natural light or a simple one-light setup with a ring light, which you likely already have on hand.

  • How long do I have to complete the course?

    You have lifetime access to Stand Out With Stop-Motion so you can take as long as you need to complete the course (or zoom through it if you’re keen like that).

  • I do/sell [x,y,z] - is this course right for me?

    Yes! This course is designed for product sellers, service-based businesses, content creators, or any business owner who wants to showcase their products/services or tell their brand story in a unique way.

  • I really don't know anything about stop-motion. Is this course good for a complete beginner?

    Heck yeah, it is! Stand Out With Stop Motion was created for beginners or anyone looking for a quick, streamlined way to creating stop-motion video. If you’re a beginner, you’re perfect for this course.

Stand out, sell more, and be memorable with attention-grabbing, high-converting stop-motion video for your business. 

Add Stand Out With Stop Motion to your order today for just $300 $45

reminder: this one-time offer isn’t available anywhere else

*One-time offer of $45 USD. Lifetime access. Money-back guarantee.