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Ready to create absolutely gorgeous photos for your business + content that are impeccable and so dreamy, building trust with your target audience and making you recognizable, so you can stand out and sell more – with just one click?

Say hello to…


The photography shortcut that will take your photos from “meh” to absolutely gorgeous instantly with one-click photo edits, so you can stand out, attract customers, and SELL more than ever before – no experience or Lightroom subscription required.

Unlock your brand’s true potential and transform your images from “meh” to mesmerizing with Bold + Bloom Lightroom Presets, helping you ATTRACT dream clients + customers, BOOST engagement, and CONSISTENTLY conquer your business goals

If you're a business owner, you know how critical it is to have high-quality, on-brand, eye-catching photos across your websites and socials.

Because a picture really does say 1000 words – and it can either land you $1000 or lose you $1000, depending on the quality and aesthetic.

And it’s no secret that Lightroom presets are the ultimate shortcut to beautiful photos that’ll help you stand out and sell.

But what might come as a surprise? That they are SO EASY to install + use, even if you’re completely new to Lightroom (and if you’re not sure how, I’ve you covered with thorough tutorials)…

For a limite time only, the epic timesaver that’ll help you effortlessly transform your photos in images that’ll help attract more customers and land more sales: 

Bold + Bloom Lightroom Presets


Bold + Bloom Lightroom Presets will you turn your boring photos into the kinds of photos that lead to more visibility, higher trust from customers, and increased SALES – faster than you’d ever thought possible.

“Any entrepreneur can use these presets and truly transform photos for every aspect of their business from marketing, website, social and then have fun seasonally as well. You thought of everything!”
– Corinne


Imagine this...

📸 Instead of spending hours trying to capture the perfect shot, followed by hours trying to edit it into something worthy of your business, you save yourself LOADS of time, energy, and frustration by simple clicking (or tapping) a perfectly crafted preset.

📸 You’re easily able to create branded, cohesive images that stand out to your audience, boost engagement, and increase sales, fueling your success long-term.

📸 You free up time in your business to work on other important aspects, while continuing to have a beautiful, branded online presence that puts your business at a whole new level

It would feel absolutely amazing, wouldn’t it?

The best selling Bold + Bloom Lightroom Presets really are the game-changing photography shortcut that allows you to near-effortlessly transform you photos in the blink of an eye.

I'm IN! Let's do this!

All the Lightroom Presets You’ll Need to ✨Beautify✨ Your Product Photos With Just One Click

With the Bold + Bloom Lightroom Presets, you’re covered across all types of products, any brand aesthetic, and all aspects of your business, including:

Product photos, with clean, crisp tones and a high level of colour authenticity

Lifestyle photos + brand portraits, fine-tuned to be impeccable with all skin tones

Brand photos + flat lays, covering a wide range of brand aesthetics

Social media + engagement optimization, giving your photos that eye-catching look for standing out on socials

Presets for every season so your photos stay current and fresh

 Holidays, vibes, moods, and MORE

Get the full collection today for a one-time payment of just $27

Full Value: $228
Yours today for an introductory price of just $27


*Limited-time offer of $27 USD. Money-back guarantee.

“You wouldn’t believe how much time you have saved me editing my photos. I cannot believe it took me this long. Your presets make it soooo easy to get my photos Etsy and Social Media Ready!”

– Darcy Hunter Art


Bold + Bloom Lightroom Preset Collections

Brand & Business Collection

40 Lightroom Presets

Your business will stand out with the help of these beautiful presets, presenting you as polished and professional, building trust with your target audience, growing your visibility, and increasing your sales with gorgeous images that set you apart.

This collection includes the following sets:

– Social Media Ready 
– Product Showcase
– Branding Essentials 
– Quick Fix Photo Edits 

Full price: $96
Sale price: $47


VIBES Collection

50 Lightroom Presets

Amp up your creativity with your photos and make a statement! There’s no two ways about it – this collection is FUN and will make you feel like a fine art photographer in just one click. There’s no way you won’t get noticed with these beauties.

This collection includes the following sets:

– Vibrance 
– Nostalgic Film 
– Light + Bright 
– Dark + Moody
– Black + White

Full price: $120
Sale price: $47


EARTH CHILD Collection

40 Lightroom Presets

Earth lovers, boho dreamers, and nature dwellers unite! If your brand or vibe is even remotely earthy or boho, you will LOVE these presets. These presets bring warm, natural tones to your photos, enhancing the organic beauty of every scene.

This collection includes the following sets:

– Rustic Woodlands
– Botanicals
– Boho Beauty
– Natural Light Magic

Full price: $96
Sale price: $47


CREATE Collection - NEW!

50 Lightroom Presets

For all you creatives out there – this one’s for you! Whether you’re a maker, blogger, artist, photographer, or just love dreamy photos that ooze creative expression, this collection is for you. This collection has never been offered with Bold + Bloom Lightroom Presets before!

This collection includes the following sets:

– Creative Lightroom Presets Collection (20 presets)
– The Flourish Collection (30 presets)

Full price: $124
Sale price: $47


SEASONS Collection

60 Lightroom Presets

Keep your images on-trend, eye-catching, and relevant all year round with these absolutely stunning presets for every season!

This collection includes the following sets:

– Winter Wonderland
– Sun-Kissed Summer
– Hello Spring
– Cozy Autumn
– All Hallow’s Eve
– Merry + Bright

Full price: $144
Sale price: $47





Get all of these today for a one-time payment of just $174 $52!

YES! I want to elevate my photos + BOOST my success!

*Limited time offer of $52 USD. Lifetime access. Money-back guarantee.

“I played over the entire weekend with these presets and loved them. I actually felt like a child trying them out and it was so much fun. Excitement aside, the presets helped me save so much time editing my photographs. I normally don’t edit because I don’t understand the technicalities of editing & it kind of scares me that I will mess it up. So the presets were a saviour. I can’t get over the relief that I don’t have to edit photos from scratch anymore & the presets have me covered for all occasions, purposes & seasons. Love them all.”
– Soapmaking With Surya


Download + Installation Tutorials

These tutorials will guide you through downloading and installing your presets for desktop and mobile (iOS and Android) with ease, so that you can start using them to power your visuals and supercharge your sales faster. ⚡️

How to Use Bold + Bloom Presets

Learn how to get the most out of your presets and discover the secrets to using effortlessly fine-tuning your photos with this bonus video tutorial. Achieve that perfect look tailored to your brand, with absolutey ease.


FULL Price: $576
✨ NOW Only $99 ✨


*Limited time offer of $99 USD. Lifetime access. Money-back guarantee.

Check out these beautiful "before and after" photos using the Bold + Bloom Lightroom Presets


You might be thinking right now... “This sounds great - but how do I know if they'll work for MY photos?"

As a brand and product photography coach with over 5,000 students, I’ve seen thousands of DIY biz photos. And I can say with absolute certainty – these Lightroom presets WILL help you improve your photos with just one-click.

Photo editing is an essential part of the photography process, and no matter what a photo looks like beforehand, they can be made exponentially better with great photo editing. Which is exactly you’re getting with the Bold + Bloom Lightroom Presets.

Even if you think your photos aren’t that great, you’ll be amazed by the difference Bold + Bloom Lightroom Presets can make. From lighting, tonal adjustments, minimizing shadows, correcting colour, and so much more, they really are the product photography shortcut of any DIYer’s dreams.

RECAP: You Get All This Instantly

👉 Branding Essentials Lightroom Presets Collection

👉 Product Showcase Lightroom Presets Collection

👉 Social Media Ready Lightroom Presets Collection

👉 Natural Light Magic Lightroom Presets Collection

👉 Merry + Bright Lightroom Presets Collection

👉 Winter Wonderland Lightroom Presets Collection

👉 BONUS #1: Download + Installation Tutorials

👉 BONUS #2: How to Harness the Magic of the Bold + Bloom Presets


I’m ready to have GORGEOUS photos that HELP ME GET NOTICED + SELL MORE!

*Limited time offer of $52 USD. Lifetime access. Money-back guarantee.

"So easy, a blacksmith can do it."

No matter what your business, experience level, or brand aesthetic is, Bold + Bloom Lightroom Presets are for you. Just take this before and after photo from Sam “Bo” Thompson for example, captured with his smartphone and edited with the free Lightroom mobile app and Bold + Bloom Lightroom Presets.


Think about this...

How many sales are passing you by right now?

It’s no secret that having great product photography is crucial to the success of an online product-based business.

But have you ever thought about just how many sales you’re losing out on by being overlooked, passed over, and unseen?

The truth is, “great” photos alone aren’t enough anymore – you need stunning, compelling photos that STAND OUT and SELL.

And you can learn how for just $37.

So just who I am to create this ultimate set of Lightroom presets for product sellers and creative biz owners?

I (Amy) am a professional brand and product photographer and go-to instructor for biz photography for creative entrepreneurs since 2017, having taught nearly 3500 people through my online courses in brand and product photography.

After seeing the great need for creative entrepreneurs to have simple, quick tools for crafting gorgeous photos that elevate their brand, I felt drawn to develop something that would save busy biz owners loads of time, while making it easier than ever to create and share visually stunning images across their websites, marketing campaigns, and social platforms.

Being an avid user of Lightroom for well over a decade, and someone who has made and used my own presets for years, I knew the answer was right there in front of me – I would hone, refine, and flesh out my personal collection of presets to share far and wide with creative entrepreneurs, to make it more effortless for them to create visual content that attracts, engages, and sells.

And so, the Bold + Bloom Lightroom Presets Collection was born!

I wholeheartedly believe that creative entrepreneurs like you deserve accessible, affordable tools and resources that empower you to overcome challenges and thrive in your business. That’s why I am stoked to offer you the Bold + Bloom Lightroom Presets, specifically designed to save you time and help you develop stronger product photos that get you noticed.

I'm ready! Sign me up for the Bold + Bloom Presets NOW!

*Limited time offer of $27 USD. Lifetime access. Money-back guarantee.

I am certain that the Bold + Bloom Lightroom Presets are the answer to levelling up your product photos, allowing you to easily create stunning images that help you to stand out and sell more.

However I want you to know there is NO RISK in purchasing today.

Because If you don’t love your Bold + Bloom Lightroom Presets collection, you can request your money back within 14 days – no questions asked.

THAT is how confident I am that these presets will take your photos from “meh” to MAGNIFICENT.

– Amy 💚

Here's what others have to say about the Bold + Bloom Lightroom Presets...

The presets are amazing!  I’m really just starting to try & get my product (& overall photos) better & this is such a HUGE advantage! The only bad part about them is trying to figure out which one I want to apply, because so many just instantly make the shot better! Really loving all the moody ones especially. For someone really trying to upscale their photos without knowing much (if anything) about photography, these are an instant win!
– Jacqui

I absolutely love how your presets are created to naturally enhance the beauty of the photo instead of completely change it or mask it. It’s like when you put on makeup, you want to enhance your natural beauty but not change your entire face. I was a little intimidated when I heard how many presets there were, but they way you have it organized is amazing and makes it so easy to find what I need.

I especially love how they’re organized by the presets themselves and you use the same photo so you can see the differences but then you have the brand guide too which organizes them for a business. It’s brilliant.

Your tutorials are simple and easy to follow and it shows how much work you put into creating this and you did it so thoughtfully. Any entrepreneur can use these presets and truly transform photos for every aspect of their business from marketing, website, social and then have fun seasonally as well. You thought of everything! And those quick touch up filters are perfect.

– Corinne

“I love being able to change the look of my photos with a single click! I’ve been able to find the perfect match for every picture. I’ve already found several presets that I know will fit the brand of my Etsy shop and I know I’ll find more as I experiment with the different groups. The brand guide was very helpful and gave me a good place to start. Thank you for helping bring my photos to life.”

– Debbie

Do you have questions?
Here are some answers!

  • Which version of Lightroom do I need for these?

    These presets should be compatible with most version of Lightroom, including older versions. They have been developed, tested, and confirmed to be fully compatible with the current version of Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC, Lightroom Mobile (both the free and paid version), as well as Photoshop Camera Raw.

  • I only have the free Lightroom mobile app. Are these compatible?

    Yes! All of the Bold + Bloom Presets are fully compatible with the free version of the Lightroom mobile app.

  • How long will I have access to the downloads?

    Indefinitely! There is no time limit on when you need to download the presets, you can come back and download them whenever you need.

  • Do these work with Photoshop?

    In a way, yes! These presets are compatible with Adobe Camera Raw – which is what Photoshop uses to open raw image files. If your photos are captured in raw (.DNG, .NEF, .CR2, etc) and you open them in Photoshop, they will first open in Adobe Camera Raw for processing. At that point, you can use any of the Bold + Bloom Lightroom Presets for processing your photos!

  • What if I change devices or need to re-install? Can I download them again?

    Yes! You can re-download the presets as often as you need.

  • What if I have questions or need help?

    No problem! We’re happy to help to the best of our ability. You can reach out to us at any time at, or via the contact form on our website.

  • My business is [x,y,z], will these work for me?

    Yes! No matter what your product is, these presets were made for you. They have been widely tested across a variety of products and photos to ensure they are beautiful, no matter what the subject is.

  • What if I want to install these on more than one device?

    No problem! You can install these presets on all of your devices without additional purchase. Note that while we normally love the idea of sharing with others, we do not allow sharing of our presets to others as outlined in our terms and conditions, so the multiple uses must be for your own devices.

  • I already have some of your presets, how can I tell which one I have so I don't buy the same ones again!

    Great question! You can go into your Lightroom and check which Bold + Bloom collections you already have. The names will be consistent with the ones outlined above, with one exception – The Flourish Collection. The Flourish Collection consists of all the presets I included with the  monthly content for my membership, Frame + Flourish, from June 2023 to November 2024. If you’re not sure, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help!

You’ve reached the end, and there’s just one more thing to share…

As a fellow creative entrepreneur, I know how important it is to make the right investment in your business. And I understand that sometimes, taking that leap can feel uncertain. But let me assure you, the Bold + Bloom Lightroom Presets are the game-changing photography shortcut that will make you fall in with LOVE photos for your business. 💚



*Limited time offer of $99 USD. Lifetime access. Money-back guarantee.