Take the right photos, at the right angles, to expertly showcase your products online

You’ve heard about lighting, styling, and editing - but what about how to actually capture your product so it looks its best?

Compose your photos to show off your products thoroughly and authentically

Capture your products at the correct angles, distances, and sides to give customers a sense of confidence that they really know your product well.

Fill your product listings with meaningful and intentional product photos

Create strong collections of images of your products that fully fleshes out your product listings, fulfilling important functions and compelling customers to buy
Confidently capture your products looking their best while accurately conveying their authenticity and integrity.

Inside The Product Photoshoot you will...

  • Learn how to plan and prepare for your photoshoot so that it goes smoothly and quickly, saving you time and frustration
  • Be walked through a full shot list of the images you should take to best showcase your products
  • Develop the skills and know-how to expertly capture each type of photos in the shot list for high-end, professional-looking product photos
Before I took Amy's class, I knew that my photos were terrible. I tried my best, but I just never liked them no matter what I tried. I had even tried to emulate other photos that I really liked, but I failed miserably. Within a week of taking Amy's course, I was LOVING my photos! I truly loved them. And it wasn't just me, they were so good that I had a photo I posted online and one commenter said my photo skills were "on point". YAY!! I am so glad I spent the money and took the time to take this course, it was one of the best decisions I'd made for my business.
- Tammy

The Lessons

  • Plan & Prepare

    Prep for your photoshoot in ahead of time for a successful session that goes smoothly, quickly, and without frustration.

  • The Shot List

    Learn exactly what shots you need to capture (and why) to make customers feel informed and confident in your product so they're more likely to make a purchase.

  • The Full Frame Photo

    Expertly capture a full, clear shot of your product.

  • All The Angles

    Learn how to capture various relevant angles in a way that properly showcase your product authentically and builds customer confidence.

  • Close-Up & Details Shots

    Give customers a sense of familiarity with your product by capturing it's special details and characteristics.

  • Styled Photos

    A overview of how to take great styled photos and their role compelling the customer to buy.

  • Lifestyle Photos

    A brief overview of what lifestyle photos are, how powerfully they impact the buying process, and review examples of lifestyle photos and the narrative they tell.

Bonus Resources

Included in your enrollment is:
  • A PDF featuring a photoshoot planner to help you thoroughly plan, prepare for, and execute your product photoshoots

  • Access to the exclusive students-only MAPP group

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will the class take?

    This class is self-paced, with concise lessons designed to help you learn effectively and efficiently. You can complete the class as quickly as you want, or take your time. There are no time restrictions on your access to the class.

  • How long will I have access?

    You will have lifetime access to this class. “Lifetime” refers to the lifetime of the class and Maker's Academy of Product Photography. As long as it's is offered, you will have access to it and any updates. Should the class no longer continue to be hosted on my site, you will have ample opportunity to download the lessons for your own personal future reference.

  • What if I have questions or want feedback?

    When you enroll in any MAPP class, you are invited to join the private student community where you can ask questions, get feedback, and connect with other learners.

Will I need extra equipment for this course?

    I always teach with using what you already have in mind. That said, depending on your situation, you might end up wanting or needing to upgrade some of your equipment. I always approach product photography in the most accessible way possible and will never recommend something you don’t really need.

  • Can I use my smartphone camera?

    Absolutely, this class is applicable no matter what you’re using for a camera.

  • Is this for any kind of product?

    The lessons in this class are applicable to any product, from jewelry to quilts to wall art (and everything in between). If you encounter any issues applying them to your specific product, you can ask for advice in the private MAPP group.

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Hi, I'm Amy.

Through my signature, no-muss no-fuss teaching style, I teach exactly what you need to know through clear, simple steps, which enables you to take gorgeous product photos, quickly and easily. Swirl in a healthy dose of creativity and artistic approach, and these beautiful images allow you to effectively market your products and themselves. That’s why I’ve become the go-to instructor for brand and product photography, having taught over 1500 makers and creatives through my courses.
"Amy’s courses have helped amp up my product photography immensely. I learned how to style them better and figure out how to apply my brand voice to my product photos. My product photos look so much more put together and better reflect the quality of my products. Her courses were essential in taking my product photos to the next level. I don’t use a DSLR, just my iPhone for photos and even though I’m still learning and experimenting, I have a foundation to take some great photos. Every course I’ve taken from her has been well worth the investment."

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