💡 Lighting 💡 can be a tricky beast and many product sellers aren’t getting it right with their product photos.

How would you feel if you could consistently take professional-looking product photos without stress, frustration, or spending a fortune on lighting equipment?

If you’re internally screaming HELL YES, I want to take perfect product photos that really step up my game, then you’re going to LOVE this special one-time offer. 👇👇

Master the most important element of your product photography with…

Perfect Lighting for Product Photos

A straightforward 6-lesson online course for product sellers who are ready to bring their products (and businesses) out of the shadows and into the LIGHT, so you can consistently take professional-looking product photos that convey a high level of quality and convert more browsers into BUYERS.

Learn a simple approach to perfect lighting for your product photos so you can:

✅ Consistently capture high-quality photos

✅ Increase the perceived value of your products (allowing you to fetch a higher price)

✅ Represent your business more professionally online

❌ Without spending a fortune on equipment

❌ No complex setups

❌ No more being overwhelmed and confused

Does this sound familiar?

 You get your setup all ready, your camera is ready to go, and you snap that first product photo.

But wait – what’s with all those weird shadows?! or why is the photo so dark? or what’s with all those bright spots? or, or, or…

There are A LOT of issues you can (and likely do) run into when it comes to lighting for high quality product photos.

But let’s be real – nailing your lighting (especially consistently) is no walk in the park.

👉 You might be stuck with figuring out the right lighting setup for you and your products.

👉 You might be experiencing heaps of frustration as photo after photo just doesn’t come out right.

👉 And really wanting to get that dreamy lighting you see in other people’s photos but being unable to do that because you don’t know where to start or what the right setup is for you.

👉 And that? Has probably got you feeling incredibly discouraged.

👉 Or even worse? Putting off taking product photos altogether – which means you’re selling far less than you would be if you could just get those photos right…


But with just a few simple strategies and understanding how light works? Allllll of this can change. Forever.

Imagine how it would feel to consistently capture your product photo with great lighting – the FIRST time.

👉 If you could save yourself loads of time with no trial and error, googling, or constant troubleshooting.

👉 If you could significantly minimize the time spent on editing your photos because they look SO good right out of the camera.

👉 If you could confidently and quickly setup your photo shoots, take the photos, and get them out there online – so you can SELL.

👉 If you could consistently take product photos that look like they were taken by a professional, increasing the perceived value of your product, allowing you to raise your prices, sell more, and increase your PROFITS.

✨ Are you ready to make these things a reality?! ✨


Perfect Lit Product Photos for Makers
(with BONUSES!)

Learn simple and effective lighting techniques and setups for consistently, beautifully lit product photos that showcase the quality of your products and the professionalism of your business, which leads to increased buyer confidence, happier customers, and stronger sales.

Here’s what you’ll gain immediate access to today:

Video Class: How Light Works + Troubleshooting Your Lighting Problems

In this video lesson, you will develop an understanding of how lighting works – in simple terms – which means that no matter what your situation, setup, product or any changes you encounter with the aforementioned things, you’ll know exactly how to approach lighting your photos like a pro.

You’ll also learn to:

👉 Instantly recognize common lighting issues.

👉 FIX common lighting issues.

No more guesswork!

Video Class: Harness the Beauty of Natural Lighting for Soft & Dreamy Product Photos

Here you’ll learn how to harness the majesty of natural light for your product photos, meaning you can easily (and cheaply!) light your photos while producing the soft and dreamy lighting that makes for swoon-worthy photos.

You’ll also learn:

👉 A simple natural light setup

👉 How to measure the strength of the light in any given space

👉 How to select the best space in your home (or outside) for natural light

👉 How to increase the strength of natural light in your shooting space

👉 How to avoid common issues with natural lighting

Video Class: Combat Reflections with a Light Tent + Studio Lights

In this lesson, you’ll learn what a light tent is, if it’s right for you, and how to use this inexpensive tool to control any harsh/distracting reflections on your products.

You’ll also learn:

👉 The benefits of using a light tent

👉 How to use a light tent to emulate soft, natural light

👉 How to use backgrounds with a light tent

👉 What products and layouts work best for a light tent

Video Class: Perfect Lighting Any Time, Any Where with Softboxes & LED Panels

In this lesson you’ll learn what softboxes and LED panel lights are and how to use them to light your products, giving you the ultimate control over the time and space in which you take your photos. Can’t take photos during the day? No problem! No natural light available where you live? Easy! Use these lights.

You’ll also learn:

👉 How to use softboxes and LED panels to emulate natural lighting for authentic-looking product images

👉 See different setups in action and the results they produce

👉 How to easily and confidently makes changes as needed to produce the perfect light for your photos

Video Class: Shockingly Amazing Photos with a Simple Ring Light

Already have a ring light hanging around and wondering if you can use this tool (traditionally used in portrait photography) to take product photos? The answer is, you CAN! You just need to know a few tricks to make it look natural. Ring lights are capable of lighting product photos beautifully, when used in the right way. I’ll show you how!

You also learn:

👉 What products are suitable for using a ring light (spoiler – a wide range of products work well with a ring light!)

👉 How to use a ring light to reduce reflections in products (excellent for products that are typically too large for a light tent)

👉 Setups for using a ring light (with example photos)

Video Class: Light Large Spaces with a Dedicated Flash

If you use a DSLR camera, this lesson is for you! A dedicated flash is an inexpensive tool that gives you a huge amount of flexibility and is capable of lighting large spaces (so it’s great for larger products or lifestyle photos). With this lesson, I’ll show you just how you can use this mighty little lighting tool to take beautifully lit product photos, every time.

You’ll also learn:

👉 Exactly what a dedicated flash is and what products work well with a dedicated flash

👉 The benefits of using a dedicated flash

👉 How to use a dedicated flash to emulate the softness of natural light

Not sure what type of lighting is right for you or where to even start?

BONUS 👉 You’ll also receive a companion PDF complete with a lighting questionnaire and graph to help you determine what the right light is for you and your products.



*One time offer of $37 USD. Lifetime access. Money-back guarantee.

“With her impressive knowledge, experience and hands-on teaching style, Amy takes the guesswork out of producing high quality photos, saving me valuable time and frustration.”

– Priscilla

“I have had increased traffic to my store and social media accounts and I credit a lot of it to the photo quality. My photos have never been better! Amy taught me how to capture the best part of a product to showcase them in such a way to be very eye-catching to shoppers. I finally have an understanding for the best practices when it comes to props, lighting, editing and so much more.

Thank you so much Amy! I will forever be thankful to the knowledge you have given me. I will continue to recommend your courses for years to come.”

– Heather

“Amy truly has our best interests as small product based business owners in mind as she develops her courses. She focuses on product photography and teaches simple but super effective ways to achieve gorgeous photos for selling platforms as well as social media without investing a lot of money on props and special equipment.”

– Stephanie


BONUS: Printable Lighting Troubleshooting Guide

Print this PDF guide and keep it with you while you’re taking photos to troubleshoot any challenges you’re encountering with your lighting, saving you loads of time by having the answers right at your fingertips. Less time messing around with trial and error means getting your photos done faster, your product listing up sooner, and less time wasted in your business – leaving more time for things that light you up.

BONUS: Photoshoot Planner PDF

This downloadable Photoshoot Planner saves you LOADS of time when it comes to photographing your products, by helping you to prepare and organize the shoot ahead of time.

You’ll save yourself the overwhelm of trying to wing it as you go and you’ll have the reference point to use from shoot to shoot so you don’t have to start over each time! Smooth, frustration-free photoshoot every time? Sounds pretty sweet.

EVERY maker needs the Photoshoot Planner for faster, better photoshoots!

BONUS: Equipment List + Video Lesson

In this special bonus lesson, I walk you through the equipment you actually need for product photography and thoroughly explain their function and what to look for when buying. No more buying stuff you don’t need or wondering if you’re buying the right thing!

Complete with printable equipment list PDF and links for where to buy on Amazon.

BONUS: Master Your Product Photos with The Bonus Class Bundle

This collection of add-on classes answers some of the top burning questions and challenges that makers encounter with their product photography so they can start taking better photos, faster.

The Bonus Class Bundle includes:

👉 Photographing Large Products: Covering tips and guidance specifically for the unique challenges that go along with photographing large products.

👉 Product Photography for Etsy: This lesson includes tips and advice just for Etsy sellers, like image sizing, optimizing photos for the zoom tool, and best practices for flawless Etsy product listing photos.

👉 Photographing Reflective Products: If you ever deal with any kind of glossy or glassy textures in your photos, you know how challenging those reflections can be! In this quick lesson, I share some of my top tips for reducing and managing reflections in your photos.

👉 Photographing Jewelry: There are some best practices and creative ideas for showcasing your jewelry in the best possible way, and I’m sharing them all with you in this quick lesson.

👉 Common Mistakes in Product Photography: In this lesson, I’m sharing the most common mistakes made by makers DIYing their own product photos, and how you can avoid making them yourself.

👉 Anatomy of a Good Product Photo: You might be able to recognize a good product photo when you see it, but do you know why it’s good? This lesson breaks down the exact ingredients for a great product photo so you can compare your own photos to it to make sure you’re on the right track.

RECAP: You Get All This Instantly

📸 Video Class: How Light Works + Troubleshooting Your Lighting Problems

📸 Video Class: Harness the Beauty of Natural Lighting for Soft & Dreamy Product Photos

📸 Video Class: Combat Reflections with a Light Tent + Studio Lights

📸 Video Class: Perfect Lighting Any Time, Any Where with Softboxes & LED Panels

📸 Video Class: Shockingly Amazing Photos with a Simple Ring Light

📸 Video Class: Light Large Spaces with a Dedicated Flash

📸 Downloadable Lighting Questionnaire + Worksheets

⭐️ BONUS: Lighting Troubleshooting Guide

⭐️ BONUS: The Bonus Class Bundle (including 6 valuable bonus classes)

⭐️ BONUS: Photoshoot Planner PDF

⭐️ BONUS: Equipment List + Video Lesson

FOR ONLY $109 ⭐️$37⭐️


*Limited time offer of $37 USD. Lifetime access. Money-back guarantee.

This incredibly helpful online course has been designed to have you perfectly lighting your product photos quickly and easily so you can represent yourself more professionally online, build buyer confidence, and grow your sales.

HOWEVER I want you to know that there is no risk in purchasing today.

Just as with Stand Out & Sell, if you somehow find that this online course isn’t working for you, you can request your money back within 14 days of your purchase – no questions asked.

That is how confident I am that you will love this course and what it does for your product photos (and in turn, your business).

– Amy

Do you have questions? Here are some answers!

  • Q: How long will this course take me to complete?

    A: Perfectly Lit Product Photos for Makers is totally self-paced. You can take your time with the classes, or zoom through them as fast as you want!

  • Q: I use a smartphone camera for my product photos, will this course work for me?

    A: Yes! The only class that doesn’t apply for smartphone cameras is the dedicated flash class but all the others are perfect for smartphone users.

  • Q: What if my products are large/reflective/small/etc?

    A: The different types of lighting taught in this online course cover any type of product. No matter what your product, you will discover your perfect lighting setup.

  • Q: Do I need to learn all of these different lighting techniques?

    A: I strongly encourage all makers taking their own product photos to have an understanding of different types of lighting so you can truly be empowered with your product photography. Change is inevitable and whether it’s moving to a new house, entering a new season, or changing up your products, having the knowledge for how to light your product through all of these changes means you’ll be able to confidently adapt your product photography no matter what issues you face!

  • Q: What if I have questions or want feedback on my progress?

    A: Once you’re registered in any of my courses (including this one!) you’re invited to join a private group where you can ask questions, get feedback, and connect with a fantastic community of fellow makers and creators. It’s a wonderful place to be!

“I’ve gotten so many views and visits, and of course, sales since learning product photography from Amy. It was the best investment for my business!”

– Meital



*One-time offer of $37 USD. Lifetime access. Money-back guarantee.