🚨 BEFORE YOU GO 🚨 Here’s an incredible ONE-TIME OFFER! 👇

The Bold + Bloom Lightroom Presets are going to give your photos a fabulous facelift, but here’s the truth 👉 relying on presets alone can be like slapping a fresh coat of paint on a wobbly foundation. It’s a great quick fix, but often doesn’t address the core issue: you need to capture captivating, high-quality images that convert in the first place.

What if there was a place online where you could access SIMPLE instruction on how to take gorgeous product and brand photos that SELL, a HIGH LEVEL of support from your instructor, and ALL THE INSPIRATION you need to consistently take the kinds of photos for your business that help you GET NOTICED, THRIVE on socials, and be more PROFITABLE?👇

A monthly membership for business owners who want to easily create beautiful, high-end brand + product photos/videos AND effortlessly + consistently share engaging content that SELLS – so they can STAND OUT and SUCCEED, while freeing up more time to do what they love.

… All with the help of straightforward yet effective photo/video classes for visuals that attract and convert, intentionally and expertly crafted monthly social media plans + templates, done-for-you weekly emails for your email list, an amazing community of likeminded business owners, AND all the support from your passionate and experienced mentor (ME!) you’ll need every step of the way.

PSSST – Frame + Flourish is closed to new members right now, but will opening again soon! Put your name on the waitlist and be the first to know when the doors are open, or scroll on down the page to learn more.




Take gorgeous photos and videos in a snap for your socials and online shop that STAND OUT, ATTRACT your ideal customers, and ELEVATE your products and brand so you can build buyer confidence, raise your prices, and SELL MORE.


Quickly create + consistently share engaging, high-converting content with monthly done-for-you content for your social media and email list – so you can GROW your business, drive more SALES, and reach a whole new level of SUCCESS, while freeing up MORE TIME for the things you love.

If you’re a product seller or service-based biz owner and you find yourself thinking “I wish I could take GREAT photos and create compelling content for my business quickly + easily, so I could actually get seen, sell more, and grow my business” – this is for you.

HECK YES! I'm in!


Amy is a fantastic teacher and makes photography accessible and easy for most. Plus, her membership is a fount of inspiration and backed up with even more knowledge. Her feedback is straightforward and very helpful.

– Jennie

Let's be honest...

When it comes to growing a thriving creative business, it’s a straight fact that mastering DIY photography and videography skills for beautiful visual content quickly + easily can transform your social media engagement, free up precious time in your business, and most importantly, skyrocket your sales.

In fact, having high-quality, beautiful photos and video has proven over and over again to have an incredible impact on sales and sanity – my own students have grown their sales by upwards of nearly six figures within just one year, freed up heaps of hours in their business by learning a quick and simple approach to photography and creating short form video.

And let’s be real… That’s where most courses and memberships for small business owners fall flat. They don’t teach you how to consistently create pro-quality visual content that’s totally accessible and quick to achieve. THAT’S where Frame + Flourish stands apart.

Because the thing is… No matter how great your product is, your services are or how hard you work on other aspects of your business, when it comes to photos for your business, if you’re not getting it right – you’re leaving a FORTUNE on the table.

you're probably feeling like...

Navigating the maze of photography + video creation techniques alone is daunting and time-consuming... Not to mention keeping up with the content hamster wheel of Instagram posts and emails to your email list. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Running a business sometimes feels like WAY too much, especially without a community on your side and clear guidance, support, inspiration, and shortcuts from a mentor who really GETS IT.

It can feel straight up impossible to figure out, and really discouraging.

When it comes to photography and video content, you probably:

👉 Feel like taking your own photos for your business constantly feels like an uphill battle. You lack the space and time for a dedicated setup and you’re wondering if it’s even possible to take great photos in your situation (spoiler alert, it totally is)

👉 You know that you just can’t compete in a saturated marketplace against others in your niche without photos and videos that really shine

👉 You just wish you had someone you could ASK when you have a question or need help, someone who would give you a straight answer that you actually understood

And when it comes to posting on Instagram and emailing your list?

👉 You aren’t sure what to say that will actually be interesting and still bring in sales

👉 Emailing consistently is SO hard and you’ve ghosted your email list (more than once)

👉 Social media posts take FOREVER to create and you just can’t keep up with it

👉 When you DO post, it’s met mostly with crickets and so you’re not even sure why you bother

And that has probably got you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and damn close to giving up sometimes.

And tired of not seeing the massive growth and profitability that you have been working so hard for (and you totally deserve, by the way).

Or even worse? You fear that your hard work and passion might not be enough, that your dreams might remain just that, and your business might never break free from the endless sea of competition.

I want to give you exactly what you what you need to create gorgeous photos + videos and incredible content for your business - quicker and easier than you can imagine

That is exactly why, inside Frame + Flourish, I’m giving you full end-to-end access to my simplified approach for for taking amazing, stand-out photos and videos AND done-for-you content for your social media and email list – offering a complete experience, with my ongoing support, a likeminded community, and ALL of the inspiration, ideas, and content you’ll need to truly FLOURISH in business.

The best part? I know that as a biz owner you don’t have the space or budget for elaborate photography setups, nor the time to create never-ending content for your essential customer/client touch points like social media and your email list.

That’s why I teach you how to take beautiful visual content with simple strategies that are totally achievable (quickly) and complete social media and email marketing plans every single month.

No more complicated approach to creating beautiful visual content. No more content hamster wheel. No more small business overwhelm. 

Just simple instruction, solid support, and high-converting content shortcuts you’ll need.

Imagine how it would feel if you could EASILY and QUICKLY take the kinds of photos that GET YOU NOTICED, and effortlessly share engaging content that CONNECTS and SELLS

📸 If you could get ongoing support, receive helpful feedback, and get your questions answered so you could confidently create photos, videos, and content for your business that grew your business exponentially

📸 If you had monthly done-for-you social media and email marketing plans with pre-written content that are highly engaging, compelling, and drive sales – while saving you SO MUCH time

📸 If you could easily capture all the fresh photos and video content you need for your socials and product listings right away, without having to wait for a professional OR spend the $$$ it costs to hire one

📸 If you no longer felt the constant grind of the content wheel, and instead had a stockpile of gorgeous visual content, social media posts, and emails ready to go that completely exude your brand and passion for what you do

📸 If you actually found yourself enjoying these aspects of your business, with the help of monthly group coaching calls, group photoshoot and content creations days, a supportive community, and mentorship from an experienced, accomplished, and passionate creative entrepreneur who wants to see you succeed

I bet it would feel damn good.

I have helped 3900+ creative entrepreneurs see incredible success through my courses and programs over the past 6+ years, and now I’m offering an all-access pass to EVERYTHING – ALL my courses, with monthly content plans, done-for-you captions and emails, coaching, and support for a truly transformative experience.

I'm ready to create amazing content, quicker + easier!

Signing up for Frame & Flourish has been one of the best business decisions I’ve made. Amy has taught me how to improve the photos I already have and how to take even better photos. With her classes and honest, but kind, feedback, I’ve upped my game. My website and Etsy site both look professional and inviting. One of my photos was even featured in a blog post by Tailwind on how to take great jewelry photos! With Amy’s monthly content and the amazing community, I keep growing and improving!

 – Tess

Say hello to…

A monthly membership for business owners who want to easily create beautiful, high-end brand + product photos/videos AND effortlessly + consistently share engaging content that SELLS – so they can STAND OUT and SUCCEED with less effort, while freeing up more time to do what they love.

… with all the classes, content, and support you’ll need every step of the way.

Get ready to gain immediate access to…

Everything you need for gorgeous, high-end visual content, from photos to videos to graphics

Frame + Flourish comes with full access to my complete photography and video creation training library – with simple (yet impactful) courses on photo styling, photo editing, smartphone photography, taking your own brand portraits, lifestyle photos, stop motion video, and MORE, you will quickly be able to transform your photos and video into marketing powerhouses that you feel SO GOOD about!

Scroll down to see exactly what is included in this comprehensive, transformative training library!

Monthly Done-For-You Social Media and Email List Content

Finally! It’ll be EASY to be consistent and intentional with your content with these incredible monthly social media and email marketing plans to make your content creation a breeze.

👉 A complete social media plan for the entire month, including visual prompts and pre-written captions

👉 Pre-written emails for sending weekly emails to your email list that they’ll actually want to open and will drive sales without straight up coming across as “salesy”

👉 Canva templates and quick posts for seriously timesaving in your content creation process

Monthly group coaching calls, photoshoot + content creation days, and an active private community of likeminded business owners

Know with confidence that you’re on the right track with hands-on coaching and support. No more falling down an unhelpful Google rabbit hole if you have a question, or feeling overwhelmed and/or alone – your supportive community and mentor are there for you! Plus, monthly live group coaching sessions will give you a chance to have your photos, videos, Instagram profiles, and more audited for feedback and advice

Extra Resources + Premium Tutorials

Your all-access pass includes my back catalogue of PDF resources, quizzes, and premium tutorials. From figuring out your unique brand photo styling to dealing with specific challenges like reflections or photographing larger items or scenes, these extras have you totally covered. New tutorials are being added all the time!



Create eye-catching, magnetic content for your business that brings you engagement, traffic, and SALES! This incredibly high-converting genre of content is emerging as a powerful trend in online marketing and you can get on it first, standing out from others in your niche + category.

Stand Out With Stop Motion includes 10 lessons covering everything from brainstorming your stop motion, to lighting, the setup, camera settings, how to capture the photos and clips for your stop motion, and how to put it all together (lightning fast!).

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How about some amazing photography transformations?

because your virtual storefront needs to look beautiful!

Check out Kate’s photo transformation after just two weeks…

These are Danielle’s photos over the course of just one month…

And here are Sandra’s before and after photos (check out what she had to say about learning product photography in Frame + Flourish)

Before joining Frame + Flourish, Sandra had seen before and afters from my students. And this is what she thought about those before and afters and how she ended up having some of her own:

“I was amazed when I saw in what short amount of time your students improved so much. Still I thought how it should be possible to do this that fast. But in the end I said I will give it a try. And here I am not even one month later with very different pictures. So it is very true. It is possible and your techniques work out. 🎉”

– Sandra

“Since taking this course I’ve become much more organized with styling and shooting my ceramics. I have a better idea of my brand and what I want to convey with the photos. This has helped me create images that are more on-brand and consistent. Plus, shooting is so much easier because I now have a checklist to follow!” 

– Nathalie

“Amy’s courses are presented in an easy to understand, straight forward method. Well worth the money spent to improve your photography skills. I learned so much in the courses I took, plus the community is so helpful and supportive as well.”

– Jean

“Amy made photography seem fun and learnable. Her hands-on teaching style and the way in which she breaks down concepts into easy to understand manageable chunks is brilliant. I worked my way through and was amazed at how my product photography improved. When I started using the new photos on my website I had 3 customers reach out in the first few weeks to say how much they liked my new photos!”

– Roché

Take a closer look at what's inside the Frame + Flourish Signature Photography Training Library

What makes learning photography in Frame + Flourish different is the simplified, straightforward approach to a tech-heavy craft like photography. With the Frame + Flourish Training Library, you’ll be completely covered with trainings in everything you need, with zero tech jargon and simple yet impactful techniques that’ll have you taking photos like a pro in no time.

... And more!

Check out these beautiful "before and after" photos from Breanna

“Amy’s courses have helped amp up my product photography immensely. I learned how to style them better and figure out how to apply my brand voice to my product photos. My product photos look so much more put together and better reflect the quality of my products. Every course I’ve taken from her has been well worth the investment.”   

– Breanna, Sweet Autumn Eclectic

And if you're wondering if Frame + Flourish will work for YOUR product - it WILL!

SO&S is all about YOUR brand and product – establishing your own brand’s stand-out photo style to attract the right audience who will LOVE your products. The lessons for making your photos eye-catching and gorgeous apply no matter what your product is!

... and everything in between!

You might be thinking right now... “This sounds great - but I'm not a photographer and I don't have a fancy camera... Will this even work for me?" 

The straight truth is, you don’t need expensive equipment or to be experienced in photography to take really great brand and product photos for your business.

This membership was made *especially* for you – no matter what your experience level is, even if you just use your iPhone for your photos, you can take gorgeous images for your business that don’t cost you heaps of time and money.

I created this membership for the busy business owner with a limited budget, so that you can start taking beautiful photos that level up your business and help you engage and convert, quickly.

Your hard work deserves to be seen and your sales goals deserve to be crushed. Let’s make it happen.

Be the first to know when the doors are open!


“I feel like the photos I was able to take today are just at a whole other level than anything I’ve done up to this point. The course was packed with tips and tricks and I couldn’t be more happy with the results.”

– Peace & Candles Co.

Think about this...

How many sales or clients are passing you by right now?

It’s no secret that having great brand and product photography is crucial to the success of an online business.

But have you ever thought about just how many sales or clients you’re losing out on by being overlooked, passed over, and unseen? Or worse, passed off as not being professional enough?

The truth is, “good” photos alone aren’t enough anymore – you need stunning, compelling photos that STAND OUT and GET YOU NOTICED – so your business can FLOURISH.

Learning exactly how to accomplish these kinds of powerhouse photos is exponentially faster, less frustrating, and more enjoyable with the right support and community behind you.

And Frame + Flourish is here to help you do just that, for just $37 a month.

So why am I the right person to teach you to take beautiful photos that level up your business?

I (Amy) am a professional brand and product photographer and go-to instructor for biz photography, having taught over 3000 people through my my signature, no-muss no-fuss teaching style – all while also being a huge advocate and cheerleader for creatives in business.

After seeing the great need for business owners to have simple, straightforward steps for effective, high quality brand and product photography, I felt truly compelled to step out from behind MY lens and help them feel empowered behind theirs – so they could stand out in saturated online markets and start reaping the rewards of attracting the right customers to their virtual storefront.

And so, for the past 6 years I’ve created the perfect suite of courses to help you do just that – and now I couldn’t be happier to be giving you full access with Frame + Flourish.

I truly believe that small business owners should have affordable access to tools and education that will help them be successful so they can live their best life – and this membership is a big step in that direction.

I’d genuinely be honoured to help YOU take absolutely stunning brand and product photos today. I can’t wait to see the difference these photos will make in your business.


*Monthly payment of $37 USD. Cancel at any time.

Here's what others have to say about learning product photography with me...

“Thank you for your simple photo styling course! It was really insightful. I thought my photos were pretty good but I’m embarrassed to look back. Here’s a before your course and after – minor tweaks, namely the marble background idea which I loved!!”

– Willow Rose Designs

“I had zero experience with photography when I first started taking photos for my Etsy shop; and when you compared my photos to others selling in the same category it really showed.

First, let me say that Amy offers clear, concise instruction with detailed examples, and in the course I took, great supporting photos.

Afterwards, I reshot all of my product photos, and WOW what a difference. It’s one of the best investments in my online business that I’ve made!

I’ve since signed up for another of Amy’s offerings and it was just as excellent.

I will continue to watch for opportunities to learn about product photography from Amy because I know it will be 100% worthwhile.”

– Mary

“I have no hesitation in recommending Amy’s courses – I have already pointed some fellow online sellers towards Amy’s website.

The courses are detailed with good explanation of more technical points with example photographs and videos.

Amy gives great personal support to students too, she is approachable and encouraging.

I am at intermediate level already but I have found simple and effective tips in the courses that have already improved my product photography.”

– Michele

Do you have questions? Here are some answers!

  • Can I use a smartphone or do I need a DSLR camera?

    You can use whatever camera you normally use, whether it’s a smartphone or a DSLR. Frame + Flourish has courses covering both! For video, I typically recommend your smartphone.

  • Do I need any special equipment, like a fancy setup or a big editing program like Photoshop?

    Not at all! You can use just your smartphone and the free version of the Lightroom mobile app. With just those simple tools, and the right skills and techniques, you can take truly impressive photos for your business. I will recommend paid apps if I think they’re genuinely helpful, but they won’t be required.

  • How long do I have access for?

    You will have access to all of the courses, resources, and student community as long as your membership is current. 

  • My product or business is [x,y,z] - is this membership right for me?

    Yes! The principles contained within the courses are applicable no matter what your business or product is – whether you sell jewelry, furniture, or services, you can apply the techniques to a wide range of business scenarios. The monthly content is customizable regardless of what your business is as well.

  • What if I have questions or want feedback?

    With your membership, you’ll also be invited to join a private student-only group where you can ask questions, get feedback, and connect with the other business owners inside Frame + Flourish. It’s fun in there! You can also submit your website or Instagram to be audited in our monthly group coaching calls.

  • How do I cancel my membership if/when the time comes?

    Cancelling is very easy. You’ll receive a link to manage your membership in your welcome email as well as at the bottom of each invoice for your monthly payment. You can cancel your membership through that link, no need to contact us ahead of time or jump through any hoops! We understand that people come and go for different reasons and we want to make your entire experience positive, including when it’s time for you to go. 

  • What if I have more questions about the membership before I join?

    We’d love to answer those questions for you! You can hit the speech bubble in the bottom right of your screen or send us an email via our contact form and we’ll get back to you asap.

  • I already have some of your courses. How does the membership work for me?

    Awesome! If you already have some of the courses included in Frame + Flourish, you will retain access to those courses for life even if you cancel your membership.

You’ve reached the end, and there’s just one more thing to share…


You work so hard in your business every day and you’ve built something amazing. Your efforts, time, and talent, are deserving of centre stage. There are SO many people out there who are waiting to fall in love with what you do and what you’re selling – they just need to see you, connect with you, and know the value that you offer. That’s why I created Frame + Flourish… To give you the steps to capture your products and/or YOU in the way they deserve, and make it easy for you to consistently connect with your audience, so that you can truly flourish.


Drop your name and email below to be the first to know when Frame + Flourish opens its doors to new members – so YOU can see this amazing transformation in your own photos, content, and business! In the meantime, I’ll send weekly tips, advice, and encouragement directly to your inbox.