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Work with us to help creative business owners take their own beautiful photos for their business, so they can get noticed, attract customers, and sell more


Why be an affiliate with us?

Professional-looking photography for online businesses is absolutely crucial to their success, as you know. But learning how to actually TAKE those photos? That’s a huge feat for many small business owners.

That’s why I created my programs. So that small business owners looking to grow online can quickly learn how to take pro-quality photos on their own, even with just their smartphones.

Having taught nearly 3500 students over the past 6 years, I give business owners the techniques and strategies to take their photos from “blah” to beautiful faster, so they can get their products selling online quicker.

Let’s help our communities building stronger, more profitable businesses, one photo at a time.


⭐️ Earn 35% – 50% commissions on qualifying signups when you refer your audience to my programs

⭐️ Affiliate dashboard where you can find your links, see your stats, and more

⭐️ Enrich your relationship with your audience by connecting them with help and support for an issue they’re really struggling with

⭐️ Build further trust as a go-to authority in your niche who is well connected with a strong network

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